Strategic Solutions and Services

Wealth Analytics optimizes our client lives by providing superior solutions that achieve their objectives. We make data-driven recommendations after thoughtfully analyzing the client’s situation and present our findings in a master report.  

We coordinate and collaborate with the other professionals in our client’s lives to provide holistic solutions that complement each other. Clients are happier because their outcomes become optimized as Wealth Analytics strategies come to fruition.

Top Reasons Clients Work With Us

We replace fear with facts.

We know exactly what you need.

We present actionable items in so you have a direct path forward.

We help you avoid unintended consequences while navigating life, including the Godzilla sighting in 2020. 

We solve your problems.

We replace fear with facts.

Our Approach

Financial Strategies
The cornerstone of empowerment. Wealth Analytics listens and helps identify client’s personal finance goals then develops a roadmap to get there. We partner with clients and assemble the necessary team of professionals for execution and remove any roadblocks that arise.

Retirement Strategies
The day we dream of! Sit down with Wealth Analytics and figure out the path to get there. We discuss the client’s goals and identify retirement income streams from employers, Social Security, and personal investments.  Then we put together a battle plan and help you execute it.

Financial Coaching
Maya Angelou stated “when we know better, we do better.” Wealth Analytics helps clients understand the subconscious behaviors behind their decisions. We confront our client’s unhealthy emotional roadblocks and help them create better outcomes.

Cash Flow/ Budgeting
Do you know how much money you spend each month? Each week? Day? Wealth Analytics is here to help bring order to the chaos that is also called personal finance. Work with us to develop good spending habits as well as use technology including budget tracking apps to make it easy to monitor progress.

Tax Planning
Harness the power of knowledge. Wealth Analytics helps clients understand the tax impact of each of type of investment, real estate, and financial transaction so clients can consistently make decisions rooted in the highest knowledge.

Provide a parting gift of comfort and structure during grieving. Wealth Analytics works with estate attorneys to ensure clients assets are seamlessly passed to heirs through a thoughtfully designed estate plan.

Risk Strategies
Faster than the speed of light, life can change, and well laid plans are now blitzed. Wealth Analytics prepares clients by assessing their current liabilities and develops mitigation strategies for the following events; long term care, income replacement, surviving spouse income, and disability coverage.

Education Funding
Education is transformative. Wealth Analytics gives clients a head start saving for college by designing unique strategies that fulfill their goals.

Charitable Giving
Nothing warms the heart like giving— while reducing taxes. Wealth Analytics creates a giving plan that works in concert with the rest of the financial strategy.  

Our Solutions Process

 Fact Finding
Wealth Analytics conducts fact finding to understand our client’s life and the situational limitations. We identify risk and roadblocks.

After understanding the event, Wealth Analytics conducts analysis on financial statements and research on the auxiliary factors contributing to positive outcomes.

 Solutions & Strategies
In a nicely bound report, Wealth Analytics presents thoughtful solutions and strategies to clients. Our ideas are fact based and quantifiable which is essential for goal tracking.

 Actionable Steps 
Strategies are complicated and Wealth Analytics breaks it down to step-by-step actions. We provide clients solutions that can be easily integrated into their current lifestyles.

How We Support You

Financial Strategies & Coaching

After a thorough fact-finding process, Wealth Analytics plots strategies to achieve our client’s financial goals. Our financial analysis powers the foundation of the strategy and we assemble multiple solutions. We work with our clients to determine the best fit and implement our agenda.

  • Tax Mitigation
  • Retirement
  • Education
  • Estate
  • Charitable Giving
  • Short and Long Term

Insurance Solutions

After the experience Victoria had with her father’s stroke, she vowed to make insurance a foundation of all her client’s financial strategies. Using our thoughtful balance sheet and lifestyle assessment for each client as our guiding light, Wealth Analytics determine the proper amount of life insurance for clients to carry. Using our independent product platform, we select the most competitively priced products and present the best-in-class to our clients.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare Supplemental 

Executive Consultation

Victoria offers executive consultation and business plan creation for clients looking to unlock the unlimited potential in their businesses. Regardless of the industry she has been in, Victoria has always found success. She brings her knowledge of business operations and marketing in today’s covid climate to the table and creates unique solutions.

  • Business Blueprint
  • Leadership Evolution
  • Vision/ Growth Analysis
  • Employee Benefits

Mediation Services

Victoria is a certified family mediator and helps families resolve conflicts about money respectfully. She helps family members remain connected despite having differences of opinions and money spending habits.

Divorce Planning

Divorce Analytics, a sister company of Wealth Analytics, replaces client’s divorce fears with financial facts. We help clients navigate the divorce’s impact on their finances and keep expectations in-line with reality. Victoria is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and brings her financial expertise to the field of divorce.

Divorce Aftercare

Upon settlement resolution, Divorce Analytics helps clients establish and regain their bearings as well as the confidence to create optimal futures. We create personalized strategies for clients to prepare them for the next stage of life by ensuring they have the proper tools as well as education needed for empowerment.

Wealth Analytics Services List

Put the power of financial analysis in your decisions.

Financial Analysis & Strategies

  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Education
  • Lifestyle Analysis and Budgeting
  • Taxation
  • Retirement
  • Estate
  • Charitable Giving
  • Rent vs Buy Analysis

Risk Management

  • Retirement Incom
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Health Insurance Advice

Resource Management

  • Data & Document Gathering
  • Home Filing System Creation
  • Lifestyle Process Establishment
  • Computer & Tech Purchases
  • Real Estate Analysis (Remodel/ Rent/ Buy)
  • Home Maintenance & Handyman Project Evaluation
  • Vehicle Lease v. Purchase
  • Child & Former Spouse Communication
  • Gifting & Lending to Adult Children
  • Elderly Parent Concerns

Divorce Planning

  • Data Gathering, Organization, and Digitization
  • Financial Strategies 
  • Divorce Impact Analysis
  • Potential Divorce Analysis
  • Tax and Cash Flow Projections
  • Family Support Operations
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Financial Neutral
  • Expert Witness 

Divorce Transitioning

  • Name Change Guidance
  • Re-titling Assets
  • QDRO Facilitation (Retirement Plan Division)
  • Support COLA Calculations
  • Monitoring of Decree Obligations
  • Coordinating with Former Spouse

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