Divorce Financial Planning Services

Divorce Analytics uncovers the true cost of divorce and guides our clients to make better decisions during a highly emotional time. Through education, analysis, and support, we create stability in our client’s life and set them up for success. With Divorce Analytics at their side, our clients report greater long-term satisfaction with their divorce and find the transition into their next chapter much smoother.

Divorce Analytics collaborates with other professionals to provide clients integrative solutions as they navigate each aspect of their divorce. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and mediator, Victoria enjoys demystifying high-level concepts and translating them into everyday language. She works closely with clients to bring their financial picture into sharp focus and to turn fear into facts. She encourages her clients to communicate freely and does not bill for answering questions.

Top Reasons Clients Work With Us

We replace fear with facts.

We are cost-effective. We know exactly what you need and keep the process moving forward.

We help clients avoid unintended consequences in their divorce settlement.

We assist clients by examining all options so they can determine which one fits their divorce best.

We provide the documentation necessary for attorneys to win in court.

"Divorce is the biggest financial transaction of most people's lives."

Our Approach

Data Gathering and Organization
We help clients gather all of the necessary documents to understand their financial landscape. Divorce Analytics organizes all of the financial documents in a secure online location so the entire divorce team can easily access valuable data.

Lifestyle and Budgeting Analysis
We collect and categorize the last 6+ months of income and expenses to create a family budget. We help clients manage their expectations as they can see where the money is coming from and where it is going.

Balance Sheet Analysis
We value the family’s assets and liabilities. Using the last 3+ years of tax returns, Divorce Analytics does a thorough examination and can uncover hidden assets. For clients with unique assets, we ensure they are properly value and tax consequences are applied.

Divorce Impact Analysis
To help clients find the true cost of their divorce, Divorce Analytics conduct a thorough analysis of the divorce and convey our findings in a DIA Report. These are great to use in court and negotiation sessions as they contain the real-life implications and facts of the divorce.

Child Support and Spousal Support
Divorce Analytics create budgets and analytical reports based on the child’s historical and projected expenses. We help special needs families determine and negotiate future costs of their child.

Retirement, Pension Plans, Stock Options, and Career Assets
Through the lens of the divorce, Divorce Analytics examine retirement plans and consider the after-tax consequences. We provide analysis for unique corporate stock options as well as benchmark valuations for pensions and career assets.

Marital Home Analysis
We conduct analysis on the family home to determine the divorce’s impact.

We illustrate the division of child tax credits, help select the best filing status through the divorce process, and how the divorce will impact their taxes.

Financial Strategies and Settlement Scenarios 
Divorce Analytics runs different settlement scenarios and provide guidance so clients understand the benefits and shortcomings of the solution. Our detailed financial analysis of each proposed settlement is one of the most powerful tools your attorney can have.

Our Divorce Process

 Initial Consultation 
During this meeting, we learn more about your situation, answer questions you have, and discover what your divorce goals are. We will give you a list of documents to begin to gather.

Collect Your Financial Data
To understand your financial situation, a list of documents must be collected, organized, and verified. All data transfer is done securely via Dropbox and the documents can be easily shared with the rest of your divorce team. This can be a very big task and Divorce Analytics can help you, just let us know.

First Financial Meeting with Divorce Analytics
Our goal is to verify we have received all of your necessary documents and review your financial landscape as well as balance sheet (all of your assets and liabilities). We will:

  • Talk about your financial divorce goals
  • Evaluate your income and insurance
  • Discuss your balance sheet
  • Determine homework items

Second Financial Meeting with Divorce Analytics
At this meeting, we present our Divorce Impact Analysis Report which includes your initial budget as well as cash flow and tax projections. We also offer one or more settlement options to consider and continue to work with you to find the most equitable and optimized solution.

Share Findings with Your Divorce Team
To ensure everyone is on the same page and all aspects of your divorce are effectively managed, we review your financial information with your divorce team (attorneys and mental health professionals).

New Normal Strategy Meeting
To help you adjust to your new normal, we work with you to ensure you have all the skills needed to successfully enter the next chapter of your life.

What Service Model Is Best For You?

One Party Support
(Financial Non-Neutral)

Divorce Analytics brings hard facts and numbers to help clients understand the impact of proposed settlements. By illuminating outcomes, clients can select the most appropriate and best fitting resolution for their family. When there is a reluctant spouse or when the divorce is close to completion, Divorce Analytics is often asked to come on board as a non-neutral and provide objective evaluations to help speed along the divorce process.

Collaborative Support
(Financial Neutral)

Divorce Analytics works with both spouses to find solutions for the financial component of divorce and ensures that all parties have the proper knowledge to make informed decisions. Clients report a higher level of satisfaction compared to court issued settlements because outcomes meet both parties needs.

Mediation Services (Financial Neutral)

Divorce Analytics serves clients who have not yet retained attorneys but are eager to begin the financial decoupling. As the process evolves, Divorce Analytics tailors our approach to meet the family’s needs.

Divorce Aftercare

Upon settlement resolution, Divorce Analytics helps clients establish and regain their bearings as well as the confidence to create optimal futures. We create personalized strategies for clients to prepare them for the next stage of life by ensuring they have the proper tools as well as education needed for empowerment.

Divorce Analytics Services List

We're your divorce partner in any situation, whether you choose our Collaborative Support, One Party Support, or Divorce After-care.

Divorce Financial Planning

  • Data Gathering & Organization
  • Short & Long Term Strategies
  • Divorce Impact Analysis Report
  • Tax & Cash Flow Projections
  • Child Support and Spousal Support Calculations
  • Lifestyle & Bugdeting Analysis 
  • Expert Testimony


  • Tax mitigation
  • Retirement
  • Education
  • Estate

Divorce Transitioning

  • Name Change Guidance
  • Re-titling Assets
  • QDRO Facilitation (Retirement Plan Division)
  • Support COLA Calculations
  • Monitoring of Decree Obligations
  • Coordinating with Former Spouse


  • Net Worth Statement
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Rent v. Buy Analysis
  • Financial Statements
  • Asset Valuation

Resource Management

  • Data & Document Gathering
  • Home Filing System Creation
  • Budgeting Process Establishment
  • Computer & Tech Purchases
  • Real Estate Analysis (Remodel/ Rent/ Buy)
  • Home Maintenance & Handyman Project Evaluation
  • Vehicle Lease v. Purchase
  • Child & Former Spouse Communication
  • Gifting & Lending to Adult Children
  • Elderly Parent Concerns

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