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Wealth Analytics is dedicated to illuminating financial realities and developing strategies to create positive change in our clients lives. We use innovative business techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver our clients a superior service. 

Our Innovative Principles

<strong>Client Centered Solutions</strong>

Client Focused Solutions

The client is always at the center of our decision-making process. We begin by learning about the challenges and objectives our clients are facing. Next, we illuminate possible outcomes. We determine the skills necessary for clients to turn a strategy into success and work with them to ensure they are prepared for the task-at-hand.

<strong>Innovative Solutions &#38; Technology<br /></strong>


We pride ourselves on using the latest technological advances to make modernize the client experience. We utilize a variety of platforms to increase ease of use and help our clients track their finances. We offer secure document sharing to ensure our client’s professional team has access to key files.

<strong>Client Centered Solutions</strong>

No-Cost Communication

Finance can be confusing and we encourage our clients to talk to us! We do not bill for talking on the phone, responding to questions, or sending emails. We are here to help clients understand and expand their financial literacy. 

<strong>Innovative Solutions &#38; Technology<br /></strong>

Intellectual Excellence

We are dedicated to continuing education and increasing our knowledge base to preserve the intellectual integrity of the solutions we offer. Wealth Analytics conducts a minimum of 50 hours of higher learning course work annually. When partnering with us, clients can count on our dedication to intellectual excellence to create positive change in their lives. 

Our Intellectual Capital

Our Intellectual Capital

Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM
Family Financial Mediator/ Divorce Analyst  & Strategist/ Holistic Wealth Consultant



The Motivation

From a very young age, my father encouraged me to take an active role in managing the family finances and was soon acting as a financial translator for my mother. The more educated I became, the more I noticed how their advisors  were only watching stocks go up and down, and not actually giving good financial advice on how to prepare my parents for their financial future. I later learned that their advisors were not acting as fiduciaries, meaning the advisors could advocate for outcomes that benefited themselves more than my parents.

These advisors also failed to help my parents plan for common life events like my father’s stroke, which caught my parents grossly unprepared. My parents carried risk that could have been properly mitigated by an educated advisor. To help my family stabilize after my father’s stroke, I became heavily involved with the financial processes and planning. I realized that there was an immense need for common sense financial guidance and I was uniquely positioned.

Forever an entrepreneur at heart, I founded Wealth Analytics, a modern financial services firm with the client at the center of the process. At Wealth Analytics, we help clients plan for their future but also provide support for clients through challenging life events. We have three main divisions of service. Wealth Analytics partners with clients to determine and analyze their financial goals. Divorce Analytics is dedicated to managing the impact divorce has on a client’s personal finances and creates court ready financial documents. Life Transition Analytics is the additional horsepower that clients need to be properly prepared and equipped for the next stage of life.

The firm is based on a team approach as holistic management involves a variety of experts and collaboration is the surest way to provide clients the latest information in every area of life and industry.

It is truly our pleasure to serve you.

~ Victoria V. Kirilloff

Sound Strategies Create Positive Outcomes

Wealth Analytics mission is to provide clients an outstanding experience through innovative technology and high value information. Through personal analysis, we improve our client’s financial outcomes and their overall financial I.Q. by taking an problem solving approach rooted in education.  Wealth Analytics has three services divisions to ensure client outcomes are properly navigated at each stage of life.

Wealth Analytics
 focuses on bringing the power of financial analysis to our client's everyday decision making. We work with clients to identify their goals, determine any unique needs or restrictions, and develop a holistic solution. For each goal, clients undergo a skills and tools assessment which is then compared to the solution. To bridge any skills gap, we educate clients to ensure they are fully equipped for goal achievement. If a client needs a tool, we source multiple providers and determine who is best in their class. 

Divorce Analytics
 is  focuses on helping clients understand the impact divorce has on their personal finances. We offer pre-divorce consulting to provide clients the information they need to confidently move forward. We also help clients develop and evolve their financial divorce strategies after proceedings begin. When the divorce decree is finalized, we ensure clients have fully severed financial ties and provide guidance as they transition to a new normal.

Life Transition Analytics
 serves clients through the multitude challenges that life presents. Providing non-financial concierge services, we offer clients holistic solutions to overcome any roadblock they face.

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