Personal CFO

Overwhelmed by financial decisions?

Getting the bills paid doesn’t have to take over your whole life

We come in to uncover where your money is going, get all the bills paid on time, and design a sustainable financial ecosystem (asset + debt management, investment strategies, etc.) that sets you up for a financially secure future. 

With us by your side, building wealth sustainably and making effective financial decisions for every stage of your life becomes easy and empowering. 

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As an affluent heiress...

You want to make smart moves about your money and retire rich, but you’re not sure where to start. 

For instance, figuring out which bills you’re responsible for and setting up a system to take care of them feels like an uphill task right now.

You’re also worried about how to make the money last while maintaining your lifestyle. And you want to stay financially independent without the money creating stress in relationships with your family.

Or maybe as a recently bereaved spouse...

Money is the last thing you want to think about right now because you’re not used to being the financial decision maker. 

Your partner handled the family finances and untangling everything feels heavy and confusing. But the last thing you want to do is drop the ball on the bills. 

However, you want to be a good stewardess of the family resources, live comfortably, and pass on the wealth to your kids. That’s totally possible.

Why our clients partner with us 

We guide our clients to make bold, defining decisions about their money by connecting financial actions to desired outcomes.

Nationally Certified Professional Mediator

Distribution of assets when an heir comes of age or as a result of a death in the family can often cause conflicts. We specialize in clear communication and negotiation and equip our clients to navigate inheritance-related disagreements without burning bridges.

Holistic Wealth Engineer

We blend personalized support to reframe beliefs most people have around money (“I’m not good with money”; “I need to be taken care of,” etc.) with high-level wealth retention strategies and execution so that our clients can reshape their financial future confidently.

Network of trusted partners

Our network of trusted professionals (investment managers, property managers, legal professionals, etc.) has a proven track record for transforming our clients’ goals and vision for their future into their financial reality. We work collaboratively to increase the longevity of our clients’ cash flow.

Our approach

What happens when you work with us

  Getting to know our client’s specific requirements

We make it a priority to connect with our clients and get to know them beyond their balance sheet to deliver a truly white-glove service.

This ensures we can personalize the strategy to accommodate our client’s goals, motivations, and limitations every step of the way.

 Organizing the finances

At this stage, we itemize all data from the entitlements and inheritance: investments, money in all bank accounts, properties, debt, and historical lifestyle data such as income after taxes and expenses.

This creates a ready-reference and foundation for all future financial decisions.

 Setting up the financial ecosystem

With a clear picture of the financial reality and our client’s motivations as well as constraints in mind, we create a sustainable spending plan as well as assess their investment and saving potential.

At this stage, we set up a bill payment schedule, hire property managers as required, and employ investment managers to ensure sound financial decisions are made to meet our client’s shifting reality and needs.

 Acting as a trusted advisor and translator

As the Personal CFO, we ensure that our client’s wealth system is centralized. We act as a liaison between their attorney, CPA, investment manager, insurance specialist, etc., so financial decisions are made with our client’s big-picture goals in mind.

When relevant, we translate the legalese and financial terms into plain language to guide our clients through the decision-making process.



1. What’s the best time to start working together for this service?

We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as you learn that you’re about to receive your entitlements/inheritance so you can make the right decisions from the get go.

Shifting from being the beneficiary who was always taken care of to taking ownership of the estate can be confusing and overwhelming. This is also when discord arises in most families.

As a neutral third party, we equip our clients to navigate conflicts confidently and reshape their financial future for long-term security.

2. How is this service different from the support I get from my CPA?

CPAs assist in preparing tax returns or decoding the tax implications of a major financial decision.

We provide end-to-end wealth maintenance and retention services as our clients’ personal CFO: from organizing their finances on a platform like Quicken to setting up bill payment schedules, keeping track of all documentation, showing up as their personal representative in meetings with their CPA, attorney, etc.

We also keep our client’s income and expenses in order for tax preparation purposes: the report we share with their CPA minimizes any back and forth and makes the whole process go faster.

3. Can you handle everything even if I’m not sure about the details?

We uncover the details in the first couple of weeks through in-depth analysis of our client’s financial reality and by going through all related documentation. After that, we take it from there, and it’s pretty much a hands-free process.

The Financial Power of Attorney drafted at the time of engaging us defines the scope of our involvement and gives us the legal authority to make day-to-day and long-term decisions that serve the financial well-being of our clients.

We also work closely with professionals our clients engage (for example, their CPA or attorney) and bring other experts on board (like investment managers, etc.) from time to time.

Real talk: Good financial luck is a series of good decisions. Ready to take ownership of your future?