Our Process

Helping you find the perfect financial strategy

Why our clients partner with us

Wealth Analytics carefully analyzes our client's unique situation, consider their objectives, and provide data-driven recommendations. 

We coordinate and collaborate with the other professionals in our client’s lives to provide holistic solutions that complement each other. Clients are happier with optimized outcomes as Wealth Analytics strategies come to fruition. 

Facts Finding

Wealth Analytics conducts fact finding to understand our client’s life and the situational limitations. We identify risk and roadblocks.


After understanding the event, Wealth Analytics conducts analysis on financial statements and research on the auxiliary factors contributing to positive outcomes.

 Solutions & Strategies

In a nicely bound report, Wealth Analytics presents thoughtful solutions and strategies to clients. Our ideas are fact based and quantifiable which is essential for goal tracking.

 Actionable Steps

Strategies are complicated and Wealth Analytics breaks it down to step-by-step actions. We provide clients solutions that can be easily integrated into their current lifestyles.

Our Tools for Legacy Protection

1. Financial Foundations Services

Financial Strategies

The cornerstone of empowerment. Wealth Analytics listens and helps identify client’s personal finance goals then develops a roadmap to get there. We partner with clients and assemble the necessary team of professionals for execution and remove any obstacles that arise. 

This includes: Net Worth & Financial Statement Analysis, Lifestyle Analysis, Rent vs. Buy Analysis, Asset Valuation & Division, Future Financial Viability, Tax Mitigation, Education, Charitable Giving & More 


Risk Management

Faster than the speed of light, life can change, and well laid plans are now blitzed. Wealth Analytics prepares clients by assessing their current liabilities and develops mitigation strategies for the following events; long term care, income replacement, surviving spouse income, and disability coverage.

This includes: Retirement Income, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Health Insurance Advice & More


Resource Management

We collect, organize, and digitize all financial information so our clients don’t have to deal with any administrative tasks that would take them away from more pressing matters.

This includes: Data & Document Gathering, Home Filing System Creation, Lifestyle Process Establishment, Computer & Tech Purchases, Real Estate Analysis (Remodel/ Rent/ Buy), Vehicle Lease v. Purchase, Child & Former Spouse Communication, Gifting & Lending to Adult Children, Elderly Parent Concerns & More

Money Coaching

Maya Angelou stated “when we know better, we do better.” Wealth Analytics helps clients understand the subconscious behaviors behind their decisions. We confront our client’s unhealthy financial feelings and help them create better outcomes.

Cash Flow/Budgeting

Do you know how much money you spend each month? Each week? Day? Wealth Analytics is here to help bring order to the chaos that is also called personal finance. Work with us to develop good spending habits as well as use technology including budget tracking apps to make it easy to monitor progress.

Retirement Strategies

The day we dream of! Sit down with Wealth Analytics and figure out the path to get there. We discuss the client’s goals and identify retirement income streams from employers, Social Security, and personal investments.  Then we put together a battle plan and help you execute it.

Insurance Solutions

After the experience Victoria had with her father’s stroke, she vowed to make insurance a cornerstone of her client’s financial strategies.  Once the client's needs are risks are determined, we present independent products that are best-in-class and  competitively priced.

2. Inheritance Navigation Services

Inheritance Navigation

We evaluate the financial transition and help everyone understand the financial impact of the testator’s death so they can make informed decisions and achieve win-win outcomes.

This includes: Non-Fiduciary Private Trustee, Destructive Financial Behavior Management & Emotional Regulation Training, Short & Long Term Financial Strategies & More

Estate Management

We facilitate discussions regarding asset division and educate less financially savvy family members on the process. We also work with estate attorneys to ensure assets are seamlessly passed to heirs through a thoughtful estate plan. 

This includes: Estate Process Navigation & Collaboration with Legal Team, Facilitation of Asset Division Discussions, Lawsuit Mitigation For High Conflict Family Members & More

Family Financial Mediation

Wealth Analytics mediates family conflict and overcome potential problems. Through financial education, expert analysis, and tailored support, we create a stable foundation for family estates and set them up for ongoing success.

This includes: Facilitate Family Meetings, Dispute Resolution, Communication Amongst Disagreeable Family Factions, Love Contract Mediation, Gifting & More

Family Business Transitioning

We support business family member's needs and coordinate with non-business family members to preserve the health and continuity of the company.

This includes: Buy/Sell Execution, Continuity Management, Conflict Mitigation & Coordination with Members, Succession Planning, Financial Loss Recovery & More

Did you know? 

70% of families lose money due to inheritance fights? Luckily, Victoria is a certified family mediator who helps families resolve money conflicts respectfully while helping family members remain connected despite having differences of opinions and money spending habits.

Are you ready to put the power of financial analysis in your decisions?