My Motivation

From a very young age, my father encouraged me to take an active role in managing the family finances and was soon acting as a financial translator for my mother. The more educated I became, the more I noticed how their advisors  were only watching stocks go up and down. I later learned that their advisors were not acting as fiduciaries, meaning the advisors could advocate for outcomes that benefited themselves more than my parents.

These advisors also failed to help my parents plan for common life events like my father’s stroke, which caught my parents grossly unprepared. My parents carried risk that could have been properly mitigated by an adept advisor. To help my family stabilize after my father’s stroke, I became heavily involved with the financial processes and planning. I realized that there was an immense need for common sense financial guidance and I was uniquely positioned. So I took a leap and jumped into financial services. 

My journey began at Mutual of Omaha where I learned how to integrate insurance into financial strategies. Then I turned my sights on learning the investment world. After passing multiple Financial Securities Exams (66, 65, & 7), I moved to Morgan Stanley and received a world class securities education.  

Forever an entrepreneur and innovator, I decided it was time to bring all of my skills together under my own company. I founded Wealth Analytics to be a modern firm with the client experience at the very center of the process. There are three different branches under the umbrella of Wealth Analytics; Wealth Analytics, Divorce Analytics, and Life Transition Analytics. 

After carefully listening to the client's needs, Wealth Analytics creates holistic financial strategies to achieve our client's goals. We take it a step further to uncover our clients financial feelings to understand the subconscious behaviors that are driving their financial habits. By coupling our financial strategies with the client's underlying thought patterns, we are able to create real change for clients.

Divorce Analytics replaces our client's fear with facts and finds the divorce's financial impact on their personal finances. Aside from child custody, divorce is a financial transaction. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I have a specialized training to properly manage the financial portion of divorce and give expert witness testimony. I am also a Certified Family Mediator and serve as a Financial Neutral for collaborative divorce cases. 

Life Transition Analytics equips clients for the next stage of life and fulfills their non-financial needs. After serving as the executrix of my grandmother's estate, navigating the fall-out from my dad's stroke, and my own separation, I understand all of the detailed planning and execution that goes into life changes. Life Transition Analytics was born from those experiences and harness that knowledge for clients as we work to restore order in their lives. 

Throughout my journey, I have learned what it takes to be self-motivated and continue despite what feels like insurmountable challenges. Wealth Analytics is here to help. 

If you want are interested in making data-driven decisions for your life and harness our experiences and intellect, contact 402.430.3092 or