The Divorce Analyst Difference

Finding the Truth with a Divorce Analyst

When thinking about divorce, most people are incredibly concerned about the financial impact and if it will lead to a financial fallout. The best way to address that uncertainty is to work with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. By working with a CDFA® clients are able to understand the real cost of divorce and develop a realistic picture of their financial situation as well as the solutions needed to have successful transition to a new life.

Victoria Kirilloff is a CDFA® and has received divorce-specific financial training to analyze the total impact of the divorce. She can help with divorce planning and transitioning, financial analysis and strategies, and resource management. Victoria assembles in-depth financial information needed to complete the Financial Affidavit for Child Support and the proposed Child Support Calculation, which are required documents the court uses to determine child support payments.

Victoria increases client’s understanding of the divorce process & outcome.

She provides an in-depth analysis of:

  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Current and Future Lifestyle
  • Splitting the Marital Home
  • Personal vs. Marital Property
  • Valuing and Dividing Property
  • Valuing Assets
  • Retirement Plans and Pensions including QDROs
  • Tax Problems and Solutions

Victoria has been trained to:

  • Create powerful case exhibits, reports, and graphical representations
  • Provide expert analysis of a client’s total financial landscape and ensures that all financial ‘bases are covered’
  • Offer short- and long-term analysis of each proposed settlement

How the Clients Benefit:

  • Settlements are more equitable as the client’s unique financial issues are addressed
  • Fear is replaced with knowledge and insight
  • Greater peace of mind knowing the accurate value and impact of their divorce settlement
  • Having an objective viewpoint on a important subject during an emotional time
  • Getting expert advice about your unique financial needs
  • The family’s needs are better met due to the in-depth data gathering and analysis to determine the actual cost of living and child related costs

Are you ready to let a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® help your case?

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