Services Costs

Wealth Analytics Services Cost

Financial Planning

To get where you are going, we need to know where you are. Wealth Analytics provides you with a thoughtful financial plan after finding out your hopes and dreams. We begin by doing a no obligation consultation to learn more about you and discuss our services; at this meeting, we will provide an quote to complete the plan. In most cases, the cost ranges from $1,500 to $2,750.

If we have worked with you during divorce, the process is slightly different. Please inform Wealth Analytics if you desire a plan and we will determine if additional information is needed from you.

Once your financial plan is in place, Wealth Analytics can help you implement the strategies and continue to hone them.


Wealth Analytics will soon be offering the ability to invest your assets. When acting in that capacity for you, compensation is from the use of fee based advisory platform with payment coming from an advisory fee that is charged as a percent of assets under management rather than commission or fees obtained from investment companies for referring their product. This allows Wealth Analytics to have unbiased flexibility when selecting the most appropriate security, like a stock or mutual fund, for you.

Wealth Analytics advisory fee varies between 1.0% and 1.50% according to your asset level, financial complexity, and needs.


To ensure the highest level of service to our clients, Wealth Analytics minimum level of assets under management is $150,000 or an income over $100,000 a year.

Divorce Analytics Service Cost

Divorce Analytics charges hourly fee of $250 for divorce services and $105 for administrative support.

Coming Soon: When Divorce Analytics is retained as a Financial Neutral in an uncoupling process there is an Initial Fee that covers:

  • Attorney correspondence to gather information including meeting notes
  • Sending clients the Participation Agreement before the first meeting
  • Sending additional correspondence including reminders to all parties as needed
  • Duplicating source documents for the initial four meetings
  • Facilitating scheduling of meetings for the initial four meetings
  • Sharing meeting notes and reports for the initial four meetings
  • Sending homework reminders for the initial four meetings

When working on a retainer basis, Divorce Analytics will first determine the scope to properly estimate the amount of time then the service estimation will be given. Any remaining balance will be refunded. Initial retainers typically range $2,500 to $3,500.

Services can be paid monthly or on a retainer basis. For monthly payments, Divorce Analytics holds your credit card information at the initial meeting and payments will be automatically charged by the 25th of the Month or checks can be received until the 15th of each month with the remaining balance charged to the credit card ten days later. A detailed monthly invoice will be sent out.