Stay On Track By Focusing On Your "Why"

What is the best way to fulfill your goals? Having a why!


My "why" is personal freedom and being able to live a life that is true to my authentic self.


Remembering my "why" fires me up at 4:30 am when I wake up but want to stay with in bed with Olliver. He is so cute after all! But I know that if I allow myself to sleep-in, then my workout is later in the morning and my whole day is thrown off. So what sounds like a good idea when I am half-asleep is actually detrimental to my "why."


The same is true for finances. When I had a victory, I had a celebration that was rooted in consumption. I would go buy a new handbag or something sparkly and treat myself with an extravagant dinner. Before long, I had a closet full of black purses- each just slightly different than the other. It was ridiculous!  


Focusing on my "why" helps me remember that no material possession could ever feel as good as personal freedom. We live in a society that has made us into mindless consumers. For a long time, I thought the only way to celebrate was to go out and spend money. I had to shift how I viewed money and remove the artifice of the industrial marketing complex. There is a billion dollar industry dedicated to separating you from your hard-earned dollars. Obviously, there are goods and services we need to consume, but having awareness of why we are consuming them is essential for our sanity.


What is your why? By understanding why you are doing what you are doing, making scarifices is easy. It keeps things in perspective and enables you to push past roadblocks. When you are faced with a challenge, simply think of your "why" and you will find the will to push on. 

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