Our Divorce Process

1. Initial Consultation 
During this meeting, we learn more about your situation, answer questions you have, and discover what your divorce goals are.

2. Collect Your Financial Data
To understand your financial situation, a list of documents must be collected, organized, and verified. All data transfer is done securely via Dropbox and the documents can be easily shared with the rest of your divorce team. This can be a very big task and Divorce Analytics can help you, just let us know.

3. First Financial Meeting with Divorce Analytics
Our goal is to verify we have received all of your necessary documents and review your financial landscape as well as balance sheet (all of your assets and liabilities). We will:

  • Talk about your financial divorce goals
  • Evaluate your income and insurance
  • Discuss your balance sheet
  • Determine homework items

4. Second Financial Meeting with Divorce Analytics
At this meeting, we present our Divorce Impact Analysis Report which includes your initial budget as well as cash flow and tax projections. We also offer one or more settlement options to consider and continue to work with you to find the most equitable and optimized solution.

5. Mediate Between Parties or Share Findings with Your Divorce Team

The next step is determined by process works best for your divorce. Normally, Victoria will mediate the uncoupling process for you but if it is more complex, Victoria will assemble a divorce team that is comprised of attorneys and mental health professionals. 

6. New Normal Strategy Meeting
To help you adjust to your new normal, we work with you to ensure you have all the skills needed to successfully enter the next chapter of your life.