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Use a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® to resolve your case and enhance the client’s experience. You will help them prepare for the next stage of life by ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed to make responsible financial decisions. Replace their fear with facts and prevent financial impasses from occurring.

Does your client have a complicated financial history? Is their spouse attempting to hide assets? Is your client the unskilled financial partner in their relationship? Has the divorce stalled due to fighting about finances? Are you tired of staring at financial documents?

There is an easier way!

Use the expert services of Victoria Kirilloff, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Family Financial Mediator, and close cases faster. By outsourcing the financial analysis, you can take the weight off your team and get everything you need in a nicely bound report.

Victoria has extensive knowledge and is skilled in divorce financial analysis, financial statements, family financial mediation, settlement generation and analysis, and much more. Using her aftercare program, Victoria ensures that the divorce decree is properly executed, and all financial ties have been severed. Leverage her abilities to close your case.

How a CDFA® adds Value to Your Clients

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® serves the client through the financial disclosure process by creating detailed financial statements and martial property reports. Through lifestyle projections, a CDFA® shows the financial consequences of proposed settlement options. The power of financial analysis keeps the divorce process on track and leads to quicker resolutions. By working with a CDFA®, your client’s financial knowledge is increased, and they make better decisions.

The CDFA® also reduces the attorney’s legal liability by providing expert financial analysis. The world of personal finance is vast and ever-changing. A CDFA® gives the divorce team knowledge of the comprehensive assets and real time analysis of the financial implications.

The CDFA®’s Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Three years of hands-on experience in financial planning and/or family law practice
  • Successfully pass the CDFA® exam
  • Participate in 30 hours of continuing education every two years

How a CDFA® and Attorney Work Together

The CDFA® and the attorney work together and make up the divorce team along with any other professionals involved. Normally the attorney uncovers a financial problem and brings in the CDFA® to solve it. Through written and verbal communication, the team works to strengthen the client's financial strategy.

The CDFA® begins to build the financial documentation by conducting a comprehensive and detailed fact-finding process on the finances in question. After thoughtful and thorough analysis, every financial aspect analyzed is presented in a Divorce Impact Analysis Master Report. Each case is unique but some examples of financial reports include: asset and liability analysis, detailed child support calculations, alimony analysis, investment and retirement account analysis, and budgeting analysis.

As settlements are proposed, the CDFA® conducts analysis to determine what the true after-tax value of the settlement is and how the proposed division will age. All reports are court ready and a CDFA® can provide expert witness testimony.

How a CDFA® Helps Clients with the Financial Worry of Divorce

Most clients have fears surrounding money which can lead to impasse in the divorce process. The CDFA®’s role is to replace fear with facts. By having reasonable financial expectations, a client can be fully present and have a workable attitude during attorney meetings. Once the divorce decree has been issued, Divorce Analytics leads clients through the aftercare process including the proper re-titling of assets and financial coaching. By working with Divorce Analytics, clients can rest assured that the financial divorce will be done right.

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