Going through divorce is an assault on the system. What was controlled chaos is now just chaos, and you have to make a bunch of complicated decisions on top of it all. So many of us are fearful of taking the first step in divorce because it is so overwhelming.

Divorce Analytics is here to replace your feelings of uncertainty with confidence. We will work with you to understand the current financial landscape and cultivate a financial strategy to navigate the divorce’s impact. Here are some other ways we help clients:

Focus on what is most important to you

Generate a complete picture of current financials for both you and your spouse

Explore all possible options to expand the economic pie

Build interim budgets that sustain you through the process to resolution, and beyond

Help you avoid the top 10 fatal errors most often committed by those in the process

Fact-based recommendations identifying needed property/income/support and other priorities

Identify priorities and insure their inclusion in the legal strategies

Flag critical early decision issues and the implications of those decisions

Fact-based long-term plans to shape the legal strategy and guide actions/decisions beyond settlement (5-10-25 years)

Generation of financial profile providing clear financial statements, updated as needed for a base of on-going scenario planning/creation

Rigorous financial analysis applied to every negotiated offer tabled by either party with long term implications

Answer your most wicked questions: Am I giving away too much? Is this fair? Will I be ok?

Preserve precious resources required for your next chapter

Empower you to be in-control of the level of involvement in the process

Advance innovative ways to make differing economic and life scenarios a reality

Equip and prepare you for what you are going through

If you would like to replace fear with facts, contact hello@mywealthanaltyics.com for a no-obligation consultation today!