Expedited Divorce Financial Analysis

Do you have a settlement session coming up?

Show up with unshakeable confidence and stay in control of your family's future with the right financial facts

When there’s a lot of pressure to get it right, it can be empowering to know what to ask for to protect a family’s resources and safeguard relationships.

Even though time is not on our side, we’re here to make sure our clients quit feeling like their back is against the wall and start believing they can hold their ground in that upcoming settlement session.

Whether you’re representing yourself or working with an attorney, it’s important to make decisions based on documented financial data…

…Data that untangles joint finances and clearly outlines who should get the house; spousal and child support; debt management; business dividends; and other key factors.

This service is perfect for you if: 

  • The court or mediation date is around the corner and you’re unsure if you're asking for what you deserve (and need)
  • You’re riding an emotional roller coaster instead of focusing on the facts
  • You feel clueless about how to advocate for your family’s financial future in the mediation session or expected a different level of support from your attorney
  • And you want to get as much clarity about your current and future financial situation as possible before the session and make informed decisions every step of the way

Fact: A win-win settlement isn’t just about agreeing to split everything 50-50. The best decisions are made when our clients know how much their post-divorce life actually costs.


Why our clients partner with us 

Divorce can be an emotionally charged life event, but ensuring everyone transitions into the next phase comfortably - and with their head held high - is where we excel. 

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and mediator

We’re certified to consult attorneys and couples on equitable settlements through in-depth knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning.

Objective analysis delivered swiftly

We propose settlement options - mediated or litigated - based on data, not emotions or conjecture. This de-escalates conflict and facilitates productive discussions.

Replacing fear with facts

We educate our clients about divorce myths, negotiation tactics, and financial facts so they can breathe easily and with confidence through the entire process.

Real-time support during negotiation

We provide real-time analysis during negotiation sessions so our clients don’t feel pressured to accept an unfair deal that can take a toll on their lifestyle, well-being, and relationships.

Our expedited approach

What happens when we partner with you

Uncovering the real cost of divorce

The most complicated part of the uncoupling process is the finances. And by itemizing all joint assets, taxes, debt, household expenses, and individual contribution, we bring a family’s financial reality into sharp focus.

This data forms the foundation of our post-divorce lifestyle report and informs the negotiation strategy as well.

 Formulating a settlement negotiation strategy

With the numbers crunched, it becomes clearer which partner gets what. Next, we guide our clients to hone in on the non-financial issues (such as parenting schedules).

The goal is to not only to push for faster resolution or draft a fair settlement proposal, but also reduce the animosity that causes so much pain to those caught in the crossfire.

 Collaborating with the legal team

If your settlement is at the litigation stage, it’s crucial that the attorney and the divorce finance strategist are on the same page.

We provide attorneys with both high-level and detailed financial truths so they can come up with the most persuasive arguments to honor that truth and advocate for our clients’ rights. This enhances the quality of counsel our clients receive before a litigated negotiation.

 White glove negotiation support

Negotiation sessions are dynamic and the offer on the table may change during the course of the discussion. While our clients are more confident after partnering with us, there may be curve balls they’re not equipped to handle.

To empower them to make informed decisions at every step, we show up as expert sounding boards and provide real-time analysis.



1. How is the expedited service different from the regular divorce financial analysis service?

The key difference between the expedited service and the regular analysis service is the type of divorce we prepare our clients for and the timeline of delivery. 

The expedited service is delivered in a few weeks and is meant for clients who are already at the litigated settlement stage. They work with us because they want to rise above fear and uncertainty and handle the session confidently armed with key financial facts and negotiation tactics. 

With the regular service, we not only step in to uncover the real cost of divorce but also guide them to adopt a divorce method that’s relevant to their situation. The delivery timeline for this service is approximately 7-8 weeks.

2. What’s the best time to start working together for the expedited analysis service?

Our expedited analysis is delivered in a few weeks, so contacting us when the document exchange process begins is ideal. Our goal is to arm our clients with financial facts before the mediation session or court date in case of litigated settlements and review them together in order to proceed with a clear picture about a family’s financial future.

Essentially, having all the financial facts - whether you’re at the mediation stage or have initiated litigation - can make all the difference between confidently advocating for your family’s future and accepting an unfair deal under pressure.

3. What information do you need to start the divorce financial analysis process?

We need historical lifestyle data and documentation around joint assets, retirement and pension funds, tax data, and household expenses to come up with divorce financial analysis reports that uncover the real cost of the uncoupling.

4. Do you provide ongoing support after the litigated mediation session?


If a resolution is not reached in the first mediation or litigated settlement session, we continue to support you to advocate for yourself in upcoming sessions and beyond.

We’re here to take unfair deals off the table. Ready to secure your family’s financial future?