19 Jan
Do Divorce Better Webinar Series


Are you facing you an insurmountable hurdle in your marriage?  Join Divorce Analytics in learning more about the aspects of your divorce and how to properly address them. There are many facets of the separation process and it can be scary to think about all of them at once! Have no fear- Victoria is here to replace fear with facts. Join her and a team of expert divorce professionals to understand the next steps.

Divorce Analytics and Nebraska Collaborative Center are co-hosting a series of lunchtime webinars for women starting on February 10th at 12pm CST.

February 10th: Jodie McGill J.D., of McGill Law will outline the legal process of divorce. There are many other options than litigation called Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. Finding the right process for you will help your family preserve the relationship and conserve resources for the next chapter.

February 17th: Victoria Kirilloff CDFA, Financial Family Mediator, with Divorce Analytics discusses the top financial mistakes made in divorce. Most marriages have a division of labor and many women care for the family while the husband manages the money. Victoria will bring you up to financial speed and replace fear with facts.

February 24th:  Sarah Wilch, LIMHP, will discuss major life transitions and how you can come out smelling like a rose. Life throws us curveballs and we have to be prepared to knock it out of the park! Sarah will help you be prepared to believe in yourself and build the future you always dreamed of.

March 3rd: Brent Rasmussen of Mortgage Specialists sheds light on real estate, mortgages, and a big factor- your credit. He will help understand the role equity plays in divorce and what it takes to stay in the marital home.  


We are invested in you and your family through this process. As a result, class size is limited. Please register today to ensure your spot.


All Class: $25

Single Class Session:  $15

Ticket Sales end one hour before the event!


Divorce process is what you make it and this information will help you select the best method for the family!

Date and Time

January 19 - January 25, 2021

10:00a - 11:00a CST




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