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Wealth Analytics redefines how financial problems are solved during life crises such as divorce or death in the family. Our goal is to create win-win solutions and preserve relationships & resources during highly emotional times.

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Uncovering Your Financial Feelings

At Wealth Analytics, our goal is to understand our client's financial feelings so we can really understand what is driving the decision-making process. After all it is the subconscious that drives 90% of our actions. By illuminating our client's past, we are able to create real financial change. 


Replace Fear with Facts

Divorce Analytics partners with clients to navigate the impact of divorce on personal finances. We offer various levels of service to properly meet each unique situation and collaborate with other divorce professionals to make the process as smooth as possible. Clients are armed with the knowledge to understand how each proposed settlement will impact them not only in the short-term but also for years to come.


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Going Through Life Changes? Life Transition Analytics is here to help.

Life Transition Analytics supports clients as they make the big leap to the next phase of life. We offer a variety of (non-financial) concierge services to guide clients through whatever life sends their way. Erase any problems with our superior decision making and executive action today!


Meet Victoria Kirilloff

Meet Victoria Kirilloff


Victoria is passionate about helping people in transition. She specializes in family estate conflicts and family business dispute mediation. She is also a personal finance expert & Holistic Wealth Consultant, providing financial analysis, personalized wealth strategies, and guidance to her affluent clients.

Through her own life experience, Victoria understands how it feels to lose a loved one to the sands of time or divorce. She knows what it feels like to be faced with a challenging life event that requires action but not knowing where to start. 

She works with clients to identify their goals, determine any unique needs or restrictions, assists them in navigating the negotiations and helps them make educated decisions.

She enjoys turning complex concepts into effective action plans her clients can understand & implement.

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